Chief Technology Officer Recruitment

Recruiting a CTO for your Growing IT Company?

You’ll need someone with the energy, technical ability, vision and drive to help guide your business through all the challenges that lie ahead. They’ll need to be progressive, committed, results oriented and forward thinking, with a strong work ethic, and the talent to inspire and manage your team. They’ll need a deep understanding of your sector and focus, as well as strong general technical expertise in areas such as software development, cybersecurity, cloud computing, AI and blockchain.

Your new CTO will be a strategic thinker who can formulate long-term technology plans that align with your company’s growth objectives. They will be able to prioritize initiatives and allocate resources effectively. And, of course, their personality and work style will need to fit with the ethos of your company.

At Portman Scott, we’re specialists in recruiting for Senior Leadership positions in established and expanding Technology companies. Using our vast network of contacts that we’ve built up over years of building and running our own businesses, we’re adept at finding and headhunting high quality candidates that will help shape the future of yours.

If you’re looking to recruit a Chief Technology Officer to help shape the course of our business, please get in touch.