Commercial Director Recruitment

Recruiting a Hands-on Commercial Director?

You’ll need someone with energy, ability and commercial experience. A clear, analytical decision maker with a proven track record in delivering significant growth. “Hands-on” is key, but they’ll also need to be inspirational and strategic, with excellent influencing and negotiation skills.

If you’re a fast-growing SME, your new Commercial Director will need to be fully aware of the challenges of leading a company through growth and scale-up. And above all, they’ll need to be highly motivated and extremely proactive, a leader who strives to achieve both personally and for the team.

At Portman Scott, we’re specialists in Commercial Director recruitment. Using our vast network of contacts that we’ve built up over years of working with SMEs and high growth companies, we’re adept at finding and headhunting high quality candidates, all the while understanding the need to match personalities and work styles with the ethos of your company.

If you’re looking to recruit a hands-on, inspirational Commercial Director, please get in touch.